My Experience in Vegas (The Red)


                    Jay Noland you Rock! 



Jay Noland 2018



Wow ,wow ,wow this guy right here changed my life! I went to Las Vegas and man that was something! Well the truth is at first i didnt know how to take Mr. Noland then that Saturday night i was pondering on if i should go back to the next day meeting! Well I felt in my heart to go so i did! Let me back up a few weeks before I had joined this great opportunity! I had Prayed for God to show me a better way to make money from home! One day I came across some dear friends of the family and they said hey Tina would you be free at 2:30 Sunday and try some coffee and me that I was already in a company with Jay Noland already so i said why not lets just see what this is about so I went! Then i met Thomas which is a sweet heart and yes i saw the Presentation with Jay Noland and it was like should I talk to my husband and yea i didnt say nothing to him just went to my room and signed up! So it has been 2 days and I had already share with a friend of mine then she got in right away! Well the next week I was invited to go to Vegas and I was shocked how God open that door for me to go! Yes I was very excited to be there but when i got to go to the first day event i came out in a bad mood! So I got on the phone with a Best friend Sammy and said guess what, all i know is im not sure about this Jay Noland and so my friend told me ! Tina sometimes its like eating fish and spitting the bones so I was like wow i never looked at it that way! So then I told him I want him to come see me when he got back to Vegas that Sunday morning to go with me so he did! Oh yea he signed up before he came to the meeting! So yea he saw the vision!

vegas 2018

Ok yall this country girl from the South had started to see what Jay Noland was about and then I started to have an open mind and stopped looking at the negative and made it in a positive! Lets just say that having my best friend there made all the difference because he was helping me understand some stuff that I was having trouble with! So at the end of that event that has made me a better and stronger person, I have been bolder with family and friends to stop whining about being broke and do something about it!  I have looked at people and told them NO ! I am done wasting my time with people that don’t see the vision! I look for the ones who is tired of being sick and tired and they want Financial freedom! So Mr Jay Noland you are so awesome and the heart that you put into us each day, I want to say thank you sir!

Do you want freedom? YES ! 


Tina Venable